SSB offers many services at Brandeis. View all our services below.

Storage Squad

Storage Squad is the official storage partner of the Student Service Bureau! Storage Squad provides affordable pickup and delivery storage and shipping services to over 3,500 students in the Greater Boston area each summer. Their services include:

• Free boxes and tape with each order
• Free pickup and delivery
• The most affordable storage prices in the country
• Appointment tracking – know when your crew is arriving with GPS on your smartphone
• Early delivery – your items are waiting for you in your dorm when you arrive
• Shipping services anywhere in the world via UPS
• Free insurance included on every item

Visit to view our pricing or schedule an appointment!

OCM Care Packages

OCM offers a variety of care packages that can be ordered throughout the year. You can send your student a Welcome Package at the beginning of the year, a survival package at Finals, or a package specially made for holiday celebrations! You can choose just one package to send or book now for the entire academic year.

• Look in your mail for order forms from OCM by mid-July, or check out their website here!
• Students receive email and text message alerts when their packages have arrived, and picking them up is as easy as stopping by the SSB desk in Lower Usdan’s Game Room.

Residence Hall Linens

OCM, in partnership with RHL, offers products that are guaranteed to fit Brandeis University beds. From sheets and comforters to towels and bathroom essentials, you can choose from many colors and patterns to fit your style and design your new room! For more information and to order your linens, please click here, or look for an order form in your mailbox by mid-July!

MicroFridge Rentals

Designed specifically for campus residence halls, MicroFridge is a unique combination refrigerator, freezer, and microwave oven. There is even an outlet to plug in your phone or laptop! Approved by Brandeis as a safe unit to use in residence halls, MicroFridge is the perfect way to have easy access to food, drink, and meal preparation right in your room. We are excited to work with our vendor, Microfridge Interion, to bring you an excellent product and stellar customer service! To place your order for rental or purchase, visit

E&R Laundry

We partner with E&R – The Campus Laundry to provide convenient and professional laundry services to students. Your dirty laundry is washed, dried, folded and returned to you within 4 days and ready to slip into your drawers! Dry cleaning options are also available! It’s easy to use:

• Simply come in and fill out a laundry service form or do so online
• You’ll receive a personalized laundry bag from E&R
• Stuff your dirty laundry and drop off your bag at our location in the Gameroom on either Monday or Thursday.
• Clean laundry will be delivered a few days later at the same location on either Tuesday or Friday!

For more information on our environmental policy, follow this link: For more information or to order online, visit the E&R Campus Laundry website (

SSB Internal Services

SSB’s goal is to offer helpful and convenient services to make life a little easier for the Brandeis student body. Apart from the larger services offered like laundry and care packages, SSB also offers a variety of day to day services including:

$1 for the first page, plus $0.50 for each additional page (cover sheet is free of charge).

Purchase a $10 roll of quarters for only $10.25

Hand-truck Rentals
Need to move something heavy across campus? Don’t stress, just rent an SSB hand-truck! Just bring your student ID and you pay only $1 for every half an hour

Air Mattress Rentals
Have a friend coming over? Parents making a surprise visit? We have you covered! Our rates are $7 per night, $10 per weekend, or $15 per week (plus $1 per day late fees).

DVD Sales
Check out SSB’s awesome selection of DVDs for sale at dirt cheap prices!

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